This is how to appear super smart in an email without trying

Jessica Morris
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We all know staying on top of emails is a challenge, and that's without the added pressure of coming up with a decent reply each time.

But online comic The Cooper Review has come up with its own helpful tips, ranging from how to present a smart email to what time it should be sent, and what should be written in it.

The list of helpful hacks will let your clients (and bosses) know work weighs on your mind all day, every day. And if they're not impressed by your round-the-clock availability, at least they'll admire your enthusiasm.

All the tips are listed here - but in the meantime, here are some of our favourites:

Use a "sent from my phone" signature, always:

Respond immediately after your manager:

Always be the first to congratulate:

Share random thoughts at odd hours:

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