General Election 2015: Conservative-Labour gap narrows as Tory lead falls four points, Ashcroft polling finds

Lynsey Barber
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Cameron's faces headwinds in the polls (Source: Getty)

The gap between the Conservatives and Labour has narrowed as the Tories' lead fell four points according to the latest national polling from Lord Ashcroft.

The Tory lead fell to 32 per cent, placing the party now just two points ahead of Labour, which remained on 30 per cent just days away from the General Election.

Conducted over the bank holiday weekend, the poll shows the Lib Dems gained two points, taking them to 11 per cent, while Ukip were up one point to 12 per cent, as were the SNP to five per cent. The Greens remained unchanged on seven per cent.

Ashcroft's polling also looks at qualitative information from focus groups - this time voters in Pudsey, Rosendale & Darwen and Hazel Grove.

"For most in our groups this campaign had never really taken off - the TV debates were no longer a novelty, nobody had been punched and the PM had not been recorded abusing an innocent pensioner. The most interesting thing about the election was the uncertainty of its outcome, which in many cases mirrored their own uncertainty as to how to vote," said Ashcroft.

It follows the publication of the latest polling from Populus which placed the two main parties neck and neck.

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