When will constituencies in Aberdeen, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Fife and Dunbarton declare results of the 2015 General Election vote?

Scotland will be a particularly interesting one to watch, as a number of polls have said the Scottish National Party (SNP) could end up making some big gains there.

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This comes months after Scotland hit headlines around the world (as well as investors' nerves) last year when it headed to the polls over whether or not it would stay in the centuries' old union.

Some of the most marginal seats include Edinburgh South, East Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh North and Leith, as well as Argyll and Bute, Aberdeen South, Edinburgh West, Angus, Perth and North Perthshire, and Dumfriesshire,

Tap or click on the constituencies on the map below to find out their vital statistics, including who's standing, when they declare and what happened last time.

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