When will Bristol, Plymouth, Camborne and Redruth and the South West constituencies declare results of the 2015 General Election vote?

Lynsey Barber and Billy Ehrenberg

Several areas of the South West could see major losses for the Lib Dems on General Election night as they swing to a Tory majority on the smallest of margins.

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The Lib Dems are likely to be left with Yeovil, North Cornwall, St Ives, Thornbury and Yate, and Bath.

Camborne and Redruth, one of the latest areas to declare at 6:30am, was won by Conservative George Eustice by just 66 votes in 2010, beating the Lib Dems. Just a 0.1 per cent swing could change that, however.

Torbay and Taunton Deane are also key battlegrounds for the Tories, however based on the polls, they are set to take these two from the Lib Dems, in addition to North Devon, Wells, Somerton and Frome, Mid Dorset and North Poole, Chippenham.

Bristol West - one of the earlier areas to declare at 3:00am - is being targeted by the Greens as its second ever seat after Brighton, as the party hopes disenfranchised students - who make up almost a quarter of adults in the constituency - ditch the Lib Dems over the tuition fees fiasco.

Polling forecasts that instead the seat will swing to Labour. Neighbouring Bristol East and Bristol South are already - and expected to remain - Labour seats.

Labour is also set to gain the Conservative seats of Plymouth Sutton and Devonport and Stroud, while Plymouth Moore View is a key battleground for Labour where Alison Seabeck held just a 3.8 per cent Labour majority after 2010.

The area has smaller parties such as Cornish nationalists Mebyon Kernow, which may take some share of the vote needed to swing seats for the major parties in the South West.

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