General Election 2015: This is what would happen if 16-year-olds had the vote

Sarah Spickernell
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16-year-olds could soon vote (Source: Getty)

If Labour comes to power following the General Election on Thursday, Ed Miliband has promised to lower the national voting age to 16.

But how would this affect the success off different parties? According to a survey by education app Gojimo, it would give Labour a big boost over the Conservatives.
By asking over 2,300 people aged 15 to 18 who they would vote for, given the chance, they found Labour came out as clear winner, with 24.8 per cent support, compared with 19.3 per cent for the Conservatives.
This is contrary to what most polls showing the opinions of those aged 18 or over indicate – that the Conservatives and Labour are neck and neck.
An even bigger difference in attitude between those falling above and below current voting age was observed in their tendency to support more marginal parties. Conservatives and Labour would both lose out to the Greens and Ukip among young voters.

According to Labour MP Ivan Lewis, it is “right that teenagers have a voice at this election”, since their future is “on the ballot paper at this election”.
And yet the survey shows 24.8 per cent said they didn't know how they would vote, with a further 5.2 per cent adding they would choose to not vote at all.
Additionally, when asked whether they thought the voting age should change, over a third said they preferred the status quo.

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