When will South Thanet, Ashford, Milton Keynes and the South East constituencies declare results of the 2015 General Election vote?

There will still be plenty of intrigue to be plucked out from the overwhelmingly blue 82 constituencies in the South East area on election night.

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Although swathes of the area are "true blue" Tory strongholds, there are some key marginals to keep an eye out for on in the early hours of Friday morning such as Ashford in Kent (reporting at 5.00am) where Labour will duke it out with the Tories in place of the depleted Lib Dems.

Yet most eyes on will on Ukip's targeted seats and in particular results from South Thanet at 6.00am, where leader Nigel Farage is being challenged by 10 opposition parties.

Tap or click on the constituencies on the map below to find out their vital statistics, including who's standing, when they declare and what happened last time.

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