When will Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield Hallam and Yorkshire and the Humber constituencies declare results of the 2015 General Election vote?

No need to put on the kettle and force your eyes open through the night on Thursday - the map below has the exact times for when each constituency in Yorkshire and the Humber will be reporting its general election results.

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The first comes from Cleethorpes at 2:30am, but things really start to get interesting from around 3.00am onwards when Rotherham, Wentworth and Deane, and Rother Valley - all targeted by Ukip following Labour setbacks - report their results.

At 4:30am we’ll find out whether or not Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg has been able to cling onto his seat in Sheffield Hallam following a Labour surge.

Tap or click on the constituencies on the map below to find out their vital statistics, including who's standing, when they declare and what happened last time.

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