General Election 2015: Haynes Publishing Group chairman John Haynes wants a focus on education and a commitment on corporation tax

John (J) Haynes
John (J) Haynes is group chairman of Haynes Publishing Group


Every day of the election campaign, we have been asking a business leader to say what policies would entice them to vote for a particular party. Here is our penultimate item.


On a Sunday evening it’s not unusual for my daughters to plead with me to watch the latest talent show on TV. After some token grumbling, the talent that appears on screen often astonishes me, together with an appreciation of the dedication and hard work involved.
  • Our society is filled with talented creative people and education must be at the heart of any government. I’d like to see a broader curriculum that gives every child a chance to explore their talents and encourages them to use it with confidence. I am involved with the MechaniX project at Prospex Youth Club, where young people learn practical skills in car maintenance, and I have witnessed how talent can be realised and developed outside of traditional settings.
  • Specific to the publishing industry, recent changes to legislation has meant that e-books and digital content are subject to VAT while their printed counterparts remain exempt. Books have always been an important way to share knowledge, and I struggle to see how ideas delivered digitally differ. If politicians believe their own rhetoric regarding the importance of the “knowledge economy” I’d like to see them remove this tax on ideas.
  • The move by the FCA to remove the requirement for publishing of interim management statements is a perfect example of an authority listening to the concerns of business. A leading politician who could demonstrate this sort of understanding of the challenges of businesses by striving relentlessly to simplify would also win my vote.
  • It is important that the next government works to maintain the UK’s competitive edge, and low levels of corporation tax are key to this. The present level has helped Haynes invest in our people and business. A commitment to maintaining present levels would provide some welcome certainty in uncertain economic times and help businesses plan for the future.
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