Eurozone investor sentiment steadies despite Greece fears

Chris Papadopoullos
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THE UPTURN in Eurozone investor sentiment stabilised in May, according to survey figures released yesterday.

Sentix research group’s index tracking investor sentiment hit 19.6 in May, down marginally on April’s 20. However, it remains high compared to January, when the index scored just 0.9.

The figure is derived from a survey of nearly 5,000 investors.

“All in all, this development is a signal that the recovery in the currency union stabilises,” said Sebastian Wanke, a senior analyst at Sentix.

“Worthy of noting is also that the stabilisation of the recovery unfolds against the backdrop of a still unclear future for Greece.”

The biggest rise in sentiment was in Austria. Sentix said the index tracking Austria had improved significantly as tensions surrounding the Ukraine conflict eased and the economy in eastern Europe picked up, helping to boost the overall mood in the Eurozone.

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