Is Tesla’s new battery the next big threat to energy firms?

Bruce Davis is director at Abundance Generation, says Yes.

Tesla’s development of in-home energy storage will revolutionise the way we use electricity to power our homes. It will also be a game changer in the market for home solar power systems. The idea of the centralised utility company, providing mass-produced power, will be a thing of the past. Instead, we will be able to act as our own energy companies: storing energy for when we need it and even able to negotiate if and when we want to sell it to the grid. Tesla has lit the blue touch paper that will enable us to democratise energy and shift the balance of power into the hands of homeowners.

Tim Emrich is chief executive at UK Power Reserve, says No.

This development could work beneficially alongside existing grid level generators. Everybody relies on a stable electricity grid and diversity of sources is key to a secure future. Domestic level storage is just one part of a myriad of emerging technologies seeking to play a key role in a carbon efficient future for power generation. Linking storage and renewable power generation is sensible and also a great natural fit with existing localised generation solutions. We look forward to an exciting future in generation, where storage complements our contribution towards keeping the lights on.

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