Nigel Farage accuses pollsters of “voodoo science” when it comes to Ukip

Sarah Spickernell
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Farage wants a definite referendum on EU membership (Source: Getty)

Nigel Farage has argued that despite pollsters indicating a decline in Ukip's popularity, it is actually “going up in the polls”.

During an interview with BBC One's Andrew Marr show, he said there had been a “very desperate attempt to talk Ukip down in recent months”, and that some of the polling organisations of using questionable methods to make it look that way.
Last month, the Election Forecast website estimated Ukip would lose half its seats at the General Election on 7 May, and that the party would end up winning just one seat. Others have come up with similar predictions.
“One or two of the pollsters are using voodoo science to try to produce quite low numbers,” he said.
"The fact is, not only are people who say they're going to vote UKIP more likely to go to the polling station next Thursday than the other parties, we're actually going up in the polls."
Farage also criticised Conservative leader David Cameron's “half-hearted” promise for a referendum on EU membership, and described a vote for his party as a “vote for change”.
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