How old do you look? Microsoft's new face detection software guesses age, but how well does #HowOldRobot know top CEOs?

Lynsey Barber
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Microsoft has created new facial recognition software which claims to be able to identify people's age and gender based solely on a single photo.

Forget the bold leap into the future this technology brings, the website has caused a viral sensation as millions of people check out how they fare and whether a robot can correctly guess their age or not. (Check out #HowOldRobot on Twitter).

Warning: this can either ruin your day completely or put a spring in your step.

What about the business world's top bosses? How old does Microsoft's new faces detection robot think they are? Who's had a tough time and who's been sleeping in tupperware?

Sir Martin Sorrell

He's the highest paid FTSE boss. But does his new £43m pay packet come at a cost?

Actual age: 70

Robot age: 60

Carolyn McCall

The boss of easyJet is certainly not feeling the effects of jetlag

Actual age: 53

Robot age: 31

Dave Lewis

Are Tesco's tough times taking a toll? Or is it just a bad camera angle?

Actual age: 50

Robot age: 55

Antonio Horta-Osorio

The Lloyds boss was upbeat about the bank's performance today. The robot's upbeat too.

Actual age: 51

Robot age: 45

Helge Lund

Not only is Helge Lund pocketing millions for two months work at BG Group, the robots are on the oil bosses side.

Actual age: 52

Robot age: 46

Check out how old you are according to a robot... if you dare

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