Returning Liberum mum finds some sympathy for the dads

THE CAPITALIST would like to doff its hat to all the City fathers who leave home before dawn to make the grinding, delay-riddled, coffee and sweat-soiled commute into town. The long-hours culture often means that “many only get to see their kids for 15 minutes, maybe, in the morning and half an hour before bedtime,” says sympathetic Liberum stockbroker mum Katherine Burgdorf, who recently returned from maternity leave. For stressed out dads holding down big City jobs, juggling the work-family balance has never been harder. ‘Welcome to fatherhood!’ Burgdorf’s colleagues joked when she returned. “It may be the one men’s club you’re welcome to keep,”she said. It’s a feeling web group Cityfathers know well, as it campaigns for City dads to get full parental leave and bring a cultural change to the traditional macho breadwinner model.

■The Capitalist wants to set the record straight before we pack away our gym kits and reset our stopwatches for next year. We asked City A.M. readers to help us find the fastest City of London 2015 Marathon runner and we’ve been inundated with responses.

The finalised Capitalist-verified City All-Stars results board now stands at:

1. 02:21:41 – Andy Greenleaf, senior consultant, Capco.
2. 02:22:12 – Jason Cherriman, development consultant, Raymond James.
3. 02:24:10 – Jonathan Poole, middle office, Commerzbank.
4. 02:24:31– Richard Phillips, of AIG Insurance.
5. 02:29:08 – Andy Lawrence, Barclays analyst
Thank you and well done to all who took part!