General Election 2015: Michael Bloomberg backs David Cameron and asks Britain to let the Tories finish the job

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Bloomberg backs Cameron (Source: Getty)

David Cameron has received the endorsement of billionaire businessman and former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg writes that he rarely endorses national political candidates but is making an exception for David Cameron in the same way he made an exception for Barack Obama in 2012.

"David Cameron's gutsy decisions and strong leadership have helped the UK economy emerge from the global recession in far better shape than the rest of Europe," the former mayor argues.

Bloomberg warns Britain not to turn back and hopes the British people will grant the Tories an overall majority. Bloomberg's article clashes with his fellow American Paul Krugman, who castigates the Tories for cutting public spending and urging further austerity.

"Pressure groups were demanding more spending, and when Cameron adopted a fiscal plan that reduced borrowing, they predicted permanent stagnation. To his great credit, Cameron didn't cave. And time has shown him to be right," writes Bloomberg.

He approvingly cites the UK's strong job creation record and high level of growth as reasons to put David Cameron back in number 10.

Perhaps a strange comment given the Conservatives discourse over the last few weeks, Bloomberg credits Cameron for keeping the Union together in last year's independence referendum.

The Tories have been seeking to play up the dangers a deal between Labour and the SNP and released and English manifesto to ensure Scottish MPs didn't have a major influence on English only issues.

However, while not uncritical of Ed Miliband, Bloomberg adds that he is at one with the Labour leader on the subject of the EU and hopes that in any referendum Britain will vote to stay in. Explaining why he is supporting David Cameron despite being at odds with the Tory leader on some major issues Bloomberg said:

If you agree with me on nine out of 12 issues, you should vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, you should see a psychiatrist.

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