Tsipras insists deal on bailout will be struck

Chris Papadopoullos
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FEARS over the Greek government’s finances partially subsided yesterday as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he believed a deal for extra bailout cash could be reached by 9 May.

The money would come in time for a 12 May debt repayment to the IMF of about €750m (£540m).

The interest rate on Greece’s 10 year government debt dropped below 11 per cent for the first time in two weeks yesterday. It began the day at 11.73 per cent. Stocks in Athens climbed by 1.41 per cent.

However, in his first televised interview since becoming Prime Minister, Tsipras warned that any deal could be put to a referendum.

“If the solution offered goes beyond our mandate, it will have to be endorsed by the people,” he told Star Television. “But I am certain we will not reach that point.”

“We should not give in to panic moves. Whoever gets scared in this game loses.”

Investors may yet need more reassurance. Survey results released yesterday by research group Sentix show that nearly half of investors expect Greece to leave the Eurozone within six months.