Happy #EdBallsDay: It's the fourth anniversary of *that* tweet

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Happy #EdBallsDay! Ed Balls
Update: Ed Balls has made everyone's Ed Balls Day the best yet.
Crack open the champagne and settle down for hours of social media lolz. It's Ed Balls Day again. Ed Balls
It's the fourth anniversary of what has become one of the finest tweets the political world has ever seen. Back on April 28, 2011, the shadow chancellor tweeted his own name. And things were never the same again. Ed Balls
For some, #EdBallsDay is bigger than Christmas. Ed Balls
This guy's mum has got the T-shirt. Ed Balls.
Ed Balls Day has inspired poetry. Ed Balls
Ed Balls Day has inspired advertisers. Ed Balls.
Ed Balls Day has inspired cake. Ed Balls.
Indeed, our humble British holiday seems to have gone global. Ed Balls
Even Ed Balls himself celebrates each year. Ed Balls
Many just want more Ed Balls. This website turns all other pages into an Ed Ballsfest. Click on the link and follow the instructions. Ed Balls
This video pulls together three of Ed Balls' greatest moments. Ed Balls
Though inexplicably they don't include this. Ed Balls

Or the time he gave Northern Echo journalist Paul Merrick a bloody eye. Ed Balls

Not Ed Balls (Source: Getty)

Or even this moment with a tiny plastic cow. Ed Bulls.

Ed Bulls (Source: Getty)

Happy Ed Balls Day!!!

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