Big guns Lord Ashcroft and Rupert Murdoch aim fire at David Cameron

Cameron is under fire from Lord Ashcroft and Rupert Murdoch (Source: Getty)
David Cameron recently pledged to serve a full second term as Prime Minister – yet titans of the centre-right are eyeing up a somewhat quicker exit for him.
Party donor and keen psephologist Lord Ashcroft is no big fan of Cameron, referring to the Tory leader as “suspicious” in a recent blog post regarding Ashcroft’s upcoming biography of the PM, “Call Me Dave”.
And last night Ashcroft was busy echoing a rather blunt sentiment from media mogul Rupert Murdoch to his near-40,000 Twitter followers.
“Failure to win majority against either Brown in crisis or Miliband would mean chop for Cameron,” tweeted Murdoch. “Open talk today in party and press.”
As if the election next Thursday wasn’t make-or-break enough...
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