General Election 2015: Sturgeon expects SNP to enjoy "enormous influence" over a Labour government

Billy Ehrenberg
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Conservative activists don Nicola Sturgeon masks (Source: Getty)

If the SNP wants Ed Miliband in power so it can gain influence over a minority Labour government, then it’s going a funny way about it.

Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), said that her party would expect to enjoy “enormous influence” over a Labour government, in words set to scare the English electorate.

Sturgeon made the remarks during an interview with The Times, and the comments will almost certainly be used as ammunition by the Conservatives, who are seeking to paint a picture of a possible Labour government backed by SNP puppeteers.

Sturgeon also said the extra attention gleaned as a by-product of the Tory-Labour duel helped the SNP with one of its biggest challenges.

At every Westminster election I've fought until this one, the biggest challenge that we've had to overcome is being heard and being relevant. We don’t have this problem this time. The message it’s given to people in Scotland is — if this is the attention we get just from the SNP riding high in the polls, imagine how loud our voice would be if that was translated into seats. So in that respect I absolutely think it is not unhelpful.

The SNP is expected to expand its influence in Scotland, taking many new seats at Labour’s expense.

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