Apple Watch apps: The most useful apps for your commute, work, travel and staying informed

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People are finally able to get their hands on the Apple Watch today as pre-orders begin shipping and a handful of shops - Apple stores, Selfridges and Dover Street Market in London - will begin selling the smartwatch offline.

But with a mind-boggling 3,000 apps to get playing with, where do you start?

Here's our selection of the most useful apps to make your life just that little bit easier. (And if you're still in two minds as to which style to go for, here's a guide to all 38 styles to help you decide)

For the commute and traveling


Get step by step instructions for getting to any location in London and Manchester as well as another 20 cities around the world. You’ll even feel an alert when you arrive at your destination.




These two apps do everything the phone apps do, but on your wrist.



Check train times and plan journeys with this app, but most importantly, be the first to know when there’s disruptions with alerts.

National Rail Enquiries

With similar travel information, Trainline also has the added option to buy tickets.



Check pretty much all your travel needs. Flight info includes ticket prices, gate and terminal numbers and for hotels, check in and check out times.

Hotels can be booked in just a single touch using Apple’s “force touch” function. Simples.

Top 10

Find the top 10 hotels in any location in an instant.


Stumbled upon a restaurant, bar or tourist spot? Check out reviews to see if it’s worthwhile at a tap of the wrist.



British Airways



Post office currency converter

A countdown to your flight departure and destination weather forecasts and currency exchange rates is a welcome addition to any trip with these airlines.

For work


If you haven't discovered Evernote, now’s the time. Dictate notes, set reminders and check notes quickly and easily as you head into meetings.

The ultimate to do list available at a glance. View edit and share your lists and get reminders and notifications to keep your day running smoothly.

Cisco Webex Meetings

It may not sound exciting, but this app lets you do conference calls on the go.

For staying informed


The Economist


NY Times




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