Playtime for the mayor and PM

Boris Johnson and David Cameron got their hands dirty on the campaign trail yesterday.
IT was all fun and games for Boris Johnson and David Cameron yesterday morning at a nursery in southwest London.

The mayor and the Prime Minister met pupils of the Advantage Children’s Day Nursery for puzzles, playtime and art.

The students are unlikely to vote on 7 May, but their Kingston constituency is a Tory target.

Both men favoured Conservative-appropriate blue paint for their handprint pictures, and the photos certainly look better than the PM’s school stop in Bolton where he was infamously pictured sending a young pupil to sleep on her desk.

Later in the day, a solo Johnson was asked if he wanted Cameron’s job. He told Sky News: “It would be a wonderful thing to be thought to be in a position to be considered for such an honour.”

■ Former Dragon’s Den panellist Richard Farleigh can’t be as heartless as the TV show made him look. The investor, who was himself fostered as a child, will spend a night sleeping rough in London to raise money for children’s charity Action for Children on 2 October. Farleigh said: “I know from my own life that the right support can give a young person a chance to succeed even if they have faced great adversity.”

■ Speaking of the Marathon, here’s a reminder of a few places to wet your whistle while watching the run. Top picks include the Princess of Wales at Blackheath and British Oak at Blackheath; the Admiral Hardy or Greenwich Tavern near the Cutty Sark; The Draft House and The Perkin Reveller near Tower Bridge; The Narrow, The Grapes and The Cat And Canary or Boisdale around Canary Wharf and The Blackfriar, The Banker, The Old Bell, Ye Old Cock Tavern, The Lyceum and Gordon’s Wine Bar on the Embankment.

Remember, hydration is important!