London is the world's third most expensive city for dating

Jessica Morris
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Dating doesn't come cheap in London (Source: Getty)

Anyone who is fed up of paying through the nose for a date in London's expensive bars and restaurants will be envious of cities such as Mumbai where a cheap date typically costs just $24.70 (£16.53), according to new research.

That's about the same as an adult zones 1-6 day travel card, a ticket for Vue Cinema in Leicester Square or three beers at one of the city's overpriced pubs.

Other wallet-friendly date destinations include Bangalore $25.5 (£17), New Dehli $26.6 (£17.73) and Jakarta $27.7 (£18.48).

But if you're still set on wining and dining in London expect to pay around $99.80 (£66.81).

Take a look at the full list of best places for a cheap date based on the Deutsche Bank findings below.

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