British Chambers of Commerce blasts major political parties for irresponsible election campaigning

Lauren Fedor
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“Strategic vision and evidence-led policy announcements have been left on the bus” (Source: Getty)
A leading business group has today accused the largest political parties of acting irresponsibly in the run-up to the General Election.

In an open letter sent to the leaders of the main parties, British Chambers of Commerce Director General John Longworth said politicians are abandoning long-term interests in favour of short-term political point-scoring.

“On the campaign trail it seems strategic vision and evidence-led policy announcements have been left on the bus,” he said. “In their place we’ve had tactical headline-chasing and lazy assumptions; a reliance on populist statements, not economic common sense; and niche policy announcements, rather than a focus on the fundamentals.”

Longworth also said he was worried about the parties’ plans for interventions in markets, and called proposals for new levies on companies and potential cuts to tax relief for investors “disheartening.” He also expressed concern over pledges to freeze certain taxes and ring-fence spending for specific policy areas.

“No well-run business would tie its hands in this way,” he said.

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