Uber's increasing fares in the UK for UberExec and UberLux customers

Lynsey Barber
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Fares will rise - but only for users of Uber's Exec and Lux servies (Source: Getty)

The price of taking an Uber taxi is going up from today - but only for anyone travelling in its executive cars.

Fares for two of its services aimed at corporate users - UberExec and UberLux - are increasing, calculated by the per mile and per minute costs of journeys.

The cost of taking an executive car with UberExec will increase on average by seven per cent, while the fee taken by Uber will go up to 25 per cent, from 20 per cent. The company said the average cost of taking its luxury cars with UberLux would rise by 12 per cent.

The cost of journeys per mile will rise from £2.30 to £2.40, while the cost per minute will inch up from 0.25 pence to 0.30 pence for UberExec. UberLux journeys, meanwhile, are now priced at 0.55 pence per minute and £3.55 per mile.

Uber said the rise won't not affect short journeys, but "for longer journeys you may see an increase of around seven per cent for UberExec and 12 per cent for UberLux on the total cost for your journey".

Explaining the reason behind the rise, an Uber spokesperson said: "We’re increasing prices now to ensure Uber remains an attractive and competitive option for drivers. All drivers working on our platform are self-employed and can choose when and where they work, as well as which operator they work with. At the same time, we want to invest more in the support that we give drivers as we grow and scale across London."

The company said it had not changed the pricing of the two premium services since they launched in the UK in 2012 and 2013. In an email sent to drivers, it added the rise in fees paid to Uber will not reduce their earnings.

Fares for Uber's other services will remain the same.

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