Duffy’s passing gives metro paws for thought

THE CAPITALIST never likes to be the bearer of bad news, but this item does have a twist in the tail. Sir Duffield ‘Duffy’, Metro Bank’s chief canine officer – yes, really – went to the big kennel in the sky recently. But never fear, the bank has a new CCO… also called Duffy, or officially – Sir Duffield II.

■ PADDY Power, never a company to pass up an opportunity to get itself a few headlines, has latched on to the fact that Prince William is a huge Aston Villa fan. Villa yesterday shocked Liverpool, beating the Anfield club to book a place in the FA Cup final against Arsenal. Paddy Power has been forced to slash its odds from 100/1 to 50/1 for the Royal Baby to be named after the Villa boss, Tim Sherwood. Prince Tim has a certain ring to it, The Capitalist agrees, but not Princess Tim. However, some of the other offers are off the wall. The bookmaker has also cut the odds from 80/1 to 40/1 for the new baby to be named Christ­ian, after Villa striker Christian Benteke’s blistering form in recent weeks. Paddy is even offering 25/1 that the new royal will be revealed wearing the “Sherwood Gilet”, and 66/1 that Prince George’s bro­ther will play for Villa.

Bet you he won’t.