From the glitterbomb to Bloomberg down: Here's what got us talking this week

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Glitterbomb: One of the things that got us talking this week (Source: Getty)

There was a debate. There was a glitterbomb. And for most of Friday, around the world, there was very little trading being done.

Here's what got us talking this week.

1. Bloomberg down
Friday morning was either a disaster or a small gift from a benevolent and powerful entity. Bloomberg Professional went down for around two and a half hours, prompting some disruption to markets, much lollage and a modicum of concern. The FCA is now monitoring the impact it has had on City firms, but a quick show of hands suggests the most immediate result was an increase in pub sales.
2. Challengers, ready?
The leaders of the five challenger parties (but not Nick Clegg) got their gloves on for round two of the TV debates. The consensus is that Ed Miliband came out on top, although Nicola Sturgeon was also seen as impressive. On social media, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood appeared to have won. Nigel Farage's comments about the audience generally turned people off. But who had the best soundbite?
3. RIP Ukip?
Ahead of the debate, things were already looking a bit tough for Nigel Farage after polls suggested Ukip was failing in its bid to secure the 12 seats it has targeted. Farage is not expected to win in South Thanet – despite vociferous campaigning – and Mark Reckless is tipped to lose Rochester & Strood, leaving the party with just Clacton.
4. Glitter got real
Mario Draghi had some serious things to discuss this week, not least the situation regarding Greece and the wider outlook for the Eurozone. But we got a bit distracted when a protester attacked him glitter. The radical feminist, who posed as a journalist, called for an “end [to] ECB dictatorship” before being dragged out giving the V-for-victory sign.
5. Jobs for the boys
The employment rate reached a record high, which is good news for the economy and the Tories. But what really got us talking was who had the best (and worst) jobs you can have in 2015. If you're in a maths-based profession you're doing alright. Journalists, not so much.

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