All Nippon Airways unveil Star Wars jet as Japanese airliner adds to Pokemon planes

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ANA's Star Wars project follows its previous Pokemon livery (Source:

It might not take you to a galaxy far, far away or zoom you into hyperspace like the Millennium Falcon, but All Nippon Airways' Star Wars jet will nevertheless excite your inner geek more than anything else in the skies.

As part of a five-year Star Wars project, the Japanese carrier will deck one of its brand-new Boeing 787s out with an R2-D2 motif and carry the film series' iconic logo on its side.

The jet, which comes complete with graphics depicting R2-D2's various ports plugs, has been flagged for international routes and will carry roughly 158 people - a large upgrade on the one who could fit in the robot's costume in the original Star Wars movies.

ANA argues the five-year project will "help connect Japan to the global market". On its website it professes: "With the skies as our stage, we are embarking on a range of novel initiatives as we head into the future.

"Expect a new world full of surprises!"

This is not the first time the Japanese airline has jazzed up its jets with icons from pop culture. The company has had a series promotional Pokémon livery on its jets since 1998. In total, 11 jets have been decorated with Pikachu and co.

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