Back to work everyone: Bloomberg Professional is back up

Catherine Neilan
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Bloomberg down: Early weekend? (Source: Getty)

Everyone back to work: Bloomberg Professional is back up - at least for most of its customers.

The system went down this morning just as London traders were gearing up for the day's work. The problem, which affected terminals worldwide, effectively brought the sector to halt for at least half of Friday.

Bloomberg has not responded to questions regarding whether there will be any compensation for users, amid claims that it had scuppered deals and postponed a £3bn bill tender being issued by the Treasury today.

A Bloomberg spokesman said: "Significant but not all parts of our network experienced a disruption today. We have restored service to most customers and are making progress in bringing all parts of the network back online. We apologise to our customers."

So that's it - no more drinks in the sun. Time to get back to the office.

When the problem first emerged, it appeared Bloomberg was very much on the back foot.

Initially when City A.M. contacted Bloomberg, the company did not answer, saying it was experiencing "unusually high volumes" of calls. However, a spokeswoman later confirmed that engineers were "working as hard as they can to fix it as quickly as possible".
She was unable to say how long this would take, and said the company had no idea what was causing the problem.
This afternoon, Bloomberg steered people away from the hacker theory:
During the day City workers were speculating on the cause of the problem, as well as the impact.
Others suggested it might be no bad thing for traders, particularly those suffering on the morning after the night before, or those keen to get started early.
One was quoted as saying “Bloomberg has declared the weekend has started.”
And then, of course, there were the lols:
And somewhere, a baby got kind of annoyed.

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