Maximum excitement on season’s points with sporting index

SPORTING Index traders quoted total season’s points for every Premier League team at the start of the campaign and many spread bettors are now facing the decision of whether to take a profit – or cut their losses.

Chelsea have 73 points from 31 games ahead of tomorrow’s clash with Manchester United. Their total points spread is now trading at 87-88, meaning buyers who bought the Blues’ points back in August at 84 can now take a three times their stake profit.

Man United fans could have bought their team’s points as low as 69 earlier in the campaign, but a resurgence in form has seen traders raise the spread to 75-76, almost identical to the original quote of 74.5-76.

The big losers currently are those that bought Manchester City points at 83 and now see them being offered at 73.5-74.5 with the team in freefall. Those buyers fearing more defeats can cash out now and restrict losses to 9.5 times their original stake.

Southampton were tipped by many for relegation, but have surprised most to maintain an unlikely push for a top-four spot. Saints’ original points spread was 43-44.5, but they have traded as high as 67-68.5. They are now priced at 65-66.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.