Schoolboy surprises Labour's Tristram Hunt saying he would vote Ukip "to get all of the foreigners out of the country"

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Tristram Hunt meets a young kipper (Source: Getty)

With the General Election campaign in full swing, politicians everywhere are clamouring to get that winning photo-op or video clip that makes them look empathetic and in touch with the electorate.

Over the past week, David Cameron has had a penchant for being photographed eating, while Nick Clegg has tried his hand at bowling.

Today, Labour's shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt attempted to do the same, with the fairly familiar exercise of visiting a primary school in the battleground of Derbyshire.

But Hunt got something of a shock when he engaged one of the young students on their political views. When Hunt asked the student "do you know who you'd vote for?" the boy's answer straightforward answer was probably not what he was expecting. The boy replied: "Ukip - to get all the foreigners out of the country."

Ukip will be glad its immigration message is cutting through with the electorate of the future, but unfortunately for Nigel Farage the Derbyshire student's support won't help the party make a breakthrough this May.

Ukip's young supporter may also have change of heart once he finds out Farage isn't planning to "get all of the foreigners out of the country", but only limit the number of new people coming in.

On Wednesday Ukip unveiled its manifesto with a pledge to cut skilled migration down to 50,000 per year and put a five-year moratorium on unskilled migration.

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