These are the best (and worst) jobs to have in 2015

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Maths whizz? You've chosen the right career

If any further proof were needed that geeks rule the world, the best jobs in the world right now are those where it's all about having a head for numbers.

Jobs which require maths skills and an understanding of figures have been rated top in a new ranking of the 200 best jobs of 2015.

Actuary ranks top while mathematician is third, followed by statistician at number four and data scientist in sixth place - a job that is making its first appearance on the list with the rise of so-called big data.

Best jobs of 2015

1. Actuary

2. Audiologist

3. Mathmatician

4. Statisician

5. Biomedical engineer

6. Data scientist

7. Dental Hygienist

8. Software engineer

9. Occupational therapist

10. Computer systems analyst

"Jobs in mathematics rank among the nation's best because they are financially lucrative, offer abundant opportunities for advancement and provide the opportunity to do great work in a supportive environment," said Tony Lee, publisher at jobs website which compiles the annual list.

IT and healthcare jobs also ranked highly with high salaries and favourable growth areas.

The ranking is based on a host of factors such as salary, stress levels, outlook, physical demands and environmental factors.

Physically demanding and dangerous jobs such as lumberjack, firefighter, military personnel were among the worst jobs, however, they were all pipped by newspaper reporter, which takes the title of worst job of the year.

Worst jobs of 2015

1. Newspaper reporter

2. Lumberjack

3. Enlisted military personnel

4. Cook

5. Broadcaster

6. Photojournalist

7. Corrections officer

8. Taxi driver

9. Firefighter

10. Mail carrier

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