Lib Dem manifesto: Nick Clegg pledges £2.5bn to boost British schools

Charlotte Henry
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Clegg says he will maintain per-pupil funding (Source: Getty)
The Liberal Democrats will focus their General Election pitch on education, promising an additional £2.5bn of funding during the next parliament.

Launching their manifesto today, the party says it will protect per pupil funding for pupils aged two to 19 in real terms over the next parliament.

Echoing Tony Blair’s famous “education, education, education” mantra, leader Nick Clegg commented: “We want to ensure that every child, no matter where they are born, the colour of their skin, or how rich their parents are, has the same opportunity to reach their potential. That’s why the Liberal Democrats are the party of education.”

David Laws, an education minister in the coalition, said: “Liberal Democrats put spreading opportunity at the heart of the coalition’s agenda. That’s why Liberal Democrats protected and invested in education.”

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