Is it too late for the Tories to win the General Election? Watch Michael Gove answer yes

Guy Bentley
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Gove's Freudian slip? (Source: Getty)

Michael Gove has been caught in a classic slip of the tongue on the General Election campaign trail.

The BBC's political reporter Chris Gibson asked the Tory big beast: Too late to win the election?

Gove's response was, to say the least, not on message.

The Tories are dominating the news today after the launch of their manifesto in Swindon.

The document promised a range of benefits to entice voters to break the deadlock in the polls and put the Tories back in number 10.

The most eye-catching pledge was the extension of the right-to-buy scheme for housing association tenants. Up to 1.3m families will be able to purchase their home with a massive discount.

Cameron also promised to take all those on the minimum wage out of tax, double free childcare and spend an extra £8bn on the NHS. However, the Tory manifesto came under fire from the IFS for the lack of detail on spending cuts and tax rises.

Labour's manifesto, launched yesterday, was also criticised by the independent think tank for failing to lay out the timetable for overall deficit reduction and what the true scale of cuts would be under a Labour government.

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