Temperatures to reach mid-20s with hottest day of the year expected this week - but don't think that'll set the tone for the year

Catherine Neilan
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You might get a chance to indulge in some sunbathing this week (Source: Getty)
Temperatures are expected to reach low-to-mid 20*C in London and the south this week, with Tuesday and Wednesday looking set to be the hottest days of the year so far.
Last week reached a peak of 21.9*C recorded in London's St James's Park on Friday, but this week is set to get even hotter.
“Warm air flowing up from the south west will combine with high pressure, bringing settled conditions and sunny spells for many,” the Met Office said today.
The official forecaster said it would bring “unseasonably warm weather” as a result.
But the governmental body has warned against getting your hopes up for the rest of the year.
“Unfortunately, the weather we get in April doesn’t necessarily tell us anything about the kind of summer we can expect,” it said. “We’re still in the midst of spring, so it’s far too early to say what the months of June, July and August may hold.”
Currently, the Met Office believes it is more likely that the UK will experience above-average temperatures between April and June – although warned that might not be the case.
It also rained on our parade by highlighting the fact that just because it's warm doesn't mean it'll be sunny.
“We can still see warmer than average temperatures when it’s cloudy and wet.”