General Election 2015: Introducing the business wish list

David Hellier
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What does business want from the election? (Source: Getty)
As we enter the final days of the election, we have decided to ask a select group of business leaders what would make them vote for one of the parties.
We’ve not asked them to name the party they support because for many this would count them out of giving an opinion.
Most business chiefs are of the view that there’s no point in alienating a party by publicly supporting another in case the one you’ve not supported wins the day.
We’ve asked our group of business chiefs to be succinct – 300 words is the limit. And we’ve also asked them to restrict their wish list to five key policies.
We’ve assembled an influential group of people from large and small companies alike. Our list includes Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of the advertising giant WPP, and Katherine Garrett-Cox, chief executive of Alliance Trust, the financial services group. The series begins today with the wishes of Nick Hungerford, the chief executive of Nutmeg, an online-only financial services provider.
Our list is nearly full – but we’ve got a place or two left for latecomers. If you’re a business leader, or you work for one who is, just let me know if you would like their views heard.
You can email me at
We thought we’d embark on the series because in all the noise of a full-on election campaign, often the wishes of those who produce the wealth for the country are drowned out. But views of the people we’ll be featuring over the course of the next three weeks are crucial if we’re to have a growing and sustainable economy.

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