Investment bankers lead City workers in favouring diversity

Chris Papadopoullos
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“Investment banks pride themselves on being fiercely meritocratic” (Source: Getty)
Investment banking staff are the most convinced of all City workers of the benefits of workplace diversity.

Workplace diversity was rated as important or very important by 59 per cent of investment bankers, according to survey figures released today by recruiters Astbury Marsden.

“Investment banks pride themselves on being fiercely meritocratic – they will take candidates exclusively from top-performing universities and business schools, regardless of race, gender or background,” said Adam Jackson, managing director at Astbury Marsden.

“The global nature of investment banking and its client base means that workplace diversity is considered a real asset. Customer experience and overall quality of work across diverse international markets is likely to suffer if the culture is too monolithic.”

Investment bankers were followed by consultants and wealth managers in attaching a high value to workplace diversity.

At the bottom of the list were insurance sector staff. Only 39 per cent rated workplace diversity as being important or very important.

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