Miliband’s romance web entangles top JP Morgan wonk

Is all publicity good publicity? Not according to former BBC hack turned City economist Stephanie Flanders. The JP Morgan Asset Management strategist lashed out at the Sunday Times yesterday over a feature digging up a “web of romance” surrounding Ed Miliband’s former lovers (apologies, Reader, if you’re currently eating your breakfast). Flanders was named as Miliband’s squeeze at the time when he met Justine Thornton – now the Labour leader’s wife. Miliband led Thornton to believe he was single when they met at a dinner party, so the story goes, when in fact he was stepping out with Flanders. What terribly bad form. “Sorry that The Sunday Times follows the Mail in raking over Miliband’s past today,” Flanders tweeted. “We ‘dated’ fleetingly in 2004. Very costly few weeks, it turns out.” Costly eh? Perhaps, instead of taking to Twitter, she could have taken up the complaint with her current partner. As the feature itself points out, that is Sunday Times writer John Arlidge.

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