These tech companies offer the best junior salaries: Linkedin, Amazon, Microsoft

Jessica Morris
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Junior employees are quids in over at Linkedin (Source: Getty)

Career starters with a head for stats, a passion for code, and a burning desire to take home a hefty pay cheque should consider roles at companies like LinkedIn and Amazon over their trendier rivals such as Google.

Research by salary benchmarking site shows software and internet-focused companies offer young employees higher salaries, with hardware firm HP paying half of the average junior salary at LinkedIn.

"This trend appears to highlight a recruitment strategy by some of the leading companies to attract the best talented young developers, who can add more value to their non-hardware based product or service," Emolument said.

Another thing this trend suggests is that some tech companies are enticing talented employees with attractive salaries, as a way of making up for other shortcomings.

"As a brand, LinkedIn arguably doesn't have the same level of prestige or glamour as Google or Facebook, which may explain why they pay junior employees as much as 20 per cent more, in order to attract the right kind of talent," Emolument said.

"Similarly, Amazon has previously faced high profile criticism for its poor working conditions, but offering such attractive salaries for junior employees will go some way to establishing the company as a desirable employer for technology talent."

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