It's official: The coolest offices have slides, nap rooms and an in-office creche

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Slides, barristas and bean bags - they're basically describing Google's office (Source: Getty)

If you had aspirations of creating a cool work environment but can't quite squeeze in a slide, abandon your hopes now: you'll literally never be trendy.

That's according to online gaming site MobileSlots,com, anyway: it's created the definitive list of the items that make up the coolest offices - and the slide is in the number one slot.

Other amenities include a personal barista, a "puppy/kitten room" (awesome until it turns into a "dogs/cats tearing each other apart by the throat" room), a gym, nap rooms - and a personal butler.

More - how do we put this? - "achievable" items include floor-to-ceiling windows (ie. daylight - not to be sniffed at), a garden and a creche.

Bafflingly, "a chandelier" is also included. Apparently "cool" does not equal "tasteful".

The 50 items that make an office "cool"
1. Slides
2. Personal barista to make your coffee
3. Puppy/kitten room
4. A gym
5. Nap rooms
6. A punch bag
7. Segway scooters
8. Floor-to-ceiling windows
9. Massaging office chairs
10. A daily buffet
11. A crèche
12. A games room
13. A library
14. Bean bags
15. A pool
16. A spa
17. A rooftop terrace
18. Free laundry and dry cleaning service
19. A barber shop
20. A floor piano
21. An aquarium
22. Heated seats
23. A hair salon
24. Personal butler
25. A bakery
26. A shoe shiner
27. Unlimited ink in the printer
28. An ice cream van
29. A jukebox
30. A chocolate fountain
31. A cinema
32. A bar that pops up at 5pm
33. A carousel
34. A yoga studio
35. A garden
36. A popcorn machine
37. Zip wires
38. Unlimited sticky notes
39. Posh hand cream in the toilets
40. Water beds
41. Hammocks
42. Greenhouse
43. A chandelier
44. Marble floors
45. A ball pit
46. A slush machine for the summer
47. Free toiletries in the staff toilets
48. Showers
49. A car wash
50. Personalised car park spots

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