2015 London Marathon: The gear you need, from trainers to shades

Wilson Kipsang of Kenya winning the 2014 London Marathon (Source: Getty)

The London Marathon: 26.2 miles of physical and mental agony. And yet, come Sunday 26 April, nearly 40,000 of us will line up to compete, including hundreds of City workers.

The pain, of course, can be mitigated by proper training and making sure you have the right gear. The training is up to you: we’re here to help with the running kit. And while the event is still a few weeks away, now is the time to stock up; we pity the runner who hasn’t well and truly broken in his or her new trainers before race day.


If you’re mid race and running on empty, gob-slam an EnergyGel tube. Each sachet is easy to tear and contains 23g of carbohydrate to give you the boost you need. It tastes good, too: made with real fruit juices, it isn’t too thick or sweet. The perfect mid-race pick me up.
£14.99 for 20 sachets, discount-supplements.co.uk.


If it’s sunny, you’re going to need a pair of lightweight, comfortable shades. This pair of ladies’ Oakleys are ideal.


If you’re a seasoned runner, you’ve probably already dabbled in smart fitness tech. But if this is your first marathon, this entry-level tracker could be the gadget that urges you on to a personal best. You can even you link it up with other Jawbone devices to compete with the rest of your marathon buddies. It’s so light you can just clip it to your T-shirt and forget about it until the race is over. £39.99, jawbone.com.


Every major sportswear brand offers pared back “barefoot” running shoes that purport to make your feet feel at one with the tarmac. Forget them all – for 26 miles of pavement pounding, you need something with plenty of cushioning, like these Asics gel trainers.
£135, asics.co.uk.


If you’re running the marathon, you have the fundamental right to bare arms. Getting your guns out will help you stay cool. Avoid cotton at all costs – this polyester “climachill” t-shirt features a mesh fabric and aluminium-silver dots that conduct heat away from the body.


A good pair of socks is the difference between unbearable blisters and even more unbearable blisters. You’ll want to go for something breathable to help stop your feet swelling up too much. These X Socks from Wiggle have padding in all the right places and the high tops should help prevent friction between your trainer and the skin on your achilles.
£14.29, wiggle.co.uk.


When you need to mop your weary brow on the home straight, you’ll be glad you invested in a pair of wristbands. Every little helps, right?
£7 a pair, uk.puma.com.


When it comes to shorts, lightweight is the order of the day. These Nike ones are perfect and have pockets for stashing your energy gel.

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