Britain's 20 most attractive employers are ... John Lewis, BMW, British Airways

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These are the places you should work if you want to be this happy (Source: Getty)

We spend the vast majority of our waking lives at work. And yet so many of us grumble about where we work, spend our lives worrying about job security and sometimes end up dedicating our evenings and weekends to getting the job done too.

So it might be worth taking note of a new survey ranking the best places to work in Britain, which department store John Lewis tops.

The retailer edged above other companies for its high score on all those factors - and no doubt the generous annual bonus helped sway people's minds too.

Half of Britain's most attractive companies were manufacturers, with car maker BMW taking second place. This was followed by airliner British Airways, City favourite PWC and then Jaguar LandRover.

Salary and benefits were cited as the most important factor for people (20 per cent) when choosing an employer, while job security came second (15 per cent).

Interestingly it showed employees are increasingly driven by financial rewards, and in 2012 this was the top factor for just one in 10 people, compared to one in five in 2015.

"This cumulative UK data sample stands at 43,400 people over those five years so we're pretty confident that these results are credible, and a true representation of societal opinion," the report said.

Ranstad polled 10,728 individuals working across 26 industries including the public and private sector.

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