General Election 2015: Is the Green Party's boyband video the most bonkers election broadcast ever? Here are five of the best

Charlotte Henry
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The Green party has launched its new Party Election Broadcast. It has David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, and Nigel Farage depicted as a rather bizarre boy band, singing a power ballad about austerity. No. Really….
Incredibly, the Green video may not actually be the most bonkers election broadcast a party has ever put out.
From 1959, we have a Labour offering. Taking the role of an impartial news presenter, “Anthony Wedgewood Benn” looks at the Tories' record - accompanied by a rather disturbing cartoon man who is shot into space.
Most amazingly, Benn’s script is almost exactly the same one as is being used by the Labour front bench today.
Jumping to 1997, we have the Liberal Democrats. Their video features John Cleese, who opens the piece with a Bruce Forsyth style pose. Obviously.
From across the pond comes this, from Christine O’Donnell. The Tea Party candidate decided the best way to tackle rumours she was a witch (yup…) was to appear in a video with a black background and spooky lighting.
Finally, the Lib Dems manage to get into this auspicious list twice. Their second entry is not so much funny as it is cringe-inducing. Titled "No more broken promises", it opens with a shot of a piece of paper attacking Labour for going back on its pledge not to raise tuition fees.
(Inexplicably, the Lib Dems have disabled embedding on this video. We can't imagine why. Click or tap on the rather blurry image below to be taken to the video on YouTube)

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