A Carlsberg billboard in Shoreditch is dispensing free beer

Emma Haslett
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Nothing like a couple of pigeons to improve the drinking experience (Source: Carlsberg)

Actually, this probably is the best poster in the world: a billboard in Shoreditch is giving out free beer. Unusually, for the area, it's not some unknown craft ale - it's Carlsberg. And it's only today.

The billboard (or "installation", as its creators refer to it), on the side of the Old Truman Brewery, will be dispensing a free half pint to passing punters until 7pm today.

According to Dharmesh Rana, a senior brand manager at Carlsberg UK, it "can't just rely on great TV advertising". And in an interview with Event magazine, he hinted at further rollouts.

"If Carlsberg did posters" is one of many ideas that we’ll be developing over the course of the year to ensure that beer drinkers up and down the country see the Carlsberg brand in a new and engaging way alongside TV.

We'll toast to that...

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