General Election 2015: Gangsta Ed Miliband Vine takes social media by storm


Miliband takes social media by storm (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Ed Miliband is making waves on social media with a six second Vine video that has been looped more 660,000 times.

Unfortunately for Ed the video is not of his pledge to save the NHS or stop the Tories from taking the country back to the 1930s.

Instead, the video is a mashup, courtesy of Manvir Bains, is of Miliband inter cut with British grime artist Skepta. The Vine shows Miliband in last week's leaders' debate mixed with Skepta's 2014 song That's Not Me.

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Created five days ago the Vine has soared in popularity. The next time Miliband will share a stage with other party leaders will be 16 April when the BBC will host a debate between the opposition parties.

No doubt others will take inspiration from Bains' success. Be prepared to see Vines of Miliband, Farage and Sturgeon galore. Welcome to the UK's first social media election.