General Elections 2015: Bookies' odds of two elections in one year just shortened to 4/1

Emma Haslett
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George Osborne was on the campaign trail in Dudley today, but time is ticking for one party to get a lead (Source: Getty)

As things hot up on the campaign trail, it's looking increasingly likely the result is going to be decidedly, er, indecisive: Ladbrokes has even shortened its odds of two elections in one year to 4/1, down from 10/1.

And although the two parties are neck and neck in the polls, at the bookies the Conservatives are (just) winning, with odds of 4/9 on winning more seats, against Labour's comparatively paltry 7/4.

Meanwhile, Ukip seems most likely to win one seat, with odds of 4/1, although it's at 5/1 to win two. Unfortunately for Nigel Farage, the chances of his party getting 10 seats are 25/1. Ouch.

That puts the company's current forecast at 278 seats for the Conservatives, a majority-busting 274 for Labour, 41 for the Scottish National Party and 30 for the Liberal Democrats.

Ukip and Plaid Cymru get three, while the Greens are predicted to end the election with just one seat.

As Ladbrokes' Matthew Shaddick put it: "The odds continue to suggest we are in for a very messy result."

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