Migration-led diversity is good for communities, report says

Adam Hignett
London is a cultural melting pot and a new report found this to be a positive for society
IMMIGRATION is a boon for the economy and higher levels of ethnic diversity can actually improve social cohesion, the Adam Smith Institute will argue today.

In a new report published today, the free-market think tank has sought to tackle head-on the contentious issue of immigration and its effects on Britain’s social fabric. Looking at London-focused research, the institute found that where economic deprivation is controlled for, higher levels of ethnic diversity actually have a positive effect on measures of social cohesion.

In the UK as a whole, the report found higher levels of diversity only led to a slight negative impact on generalised trust within communities. However, it found little evidence to suggest diversity undermines other measures of social cohesion, including civic participation, trust in authority and volunteer work in the UK.

Head of research at the institute, Ben Southwood, added: “The published economic research is clear that immigrants don’t take away jobs. But do they undermine the social cohesion and trust that underlies the success of developed countries? Our new paper finds little evidence [of this].”

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