Lunar eclipse 2015: Watch the blood moon on Saturday as the shortest one of the century appears in the sky

Lynsey Barber
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A lunar eclipse will appear today (Source: Getty)

Fresh from the stunning spectacle of a solar eclipse, sky-watchers will be treated to another display from the natural world as the shortest lunar eclipse of the century draws near.

Also known as a blood moon, Saturday's full moon will turn red as it moves into the shadow cast by the sun shining on Earth.

We've already been treated to two lunar eclipses last year - one in April and the second in September - in what's known as a "tetrad" that includes a series of four lunar eclipses. The fourth is due later this year on 28 September.

Today's eclipse can be seen from North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Those in Europe, Africa and the Middle East will still be able to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon however, thanks to the wonders of technology as it's streamed live by Nasa.

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