Crack open the sunscreen and get the BBQ going: Easter weekend is shaping up to have plenty of sun (and a bit of rain)

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Sun: Something you, me and even the daffs can look forward to (Source: Getty)

Two lots of good news for people who've decided to stay in their back-garden this Easter break – not only will you avoid almost certain trainmaggedon, you might even get a tan.

The Met Office is forecasting pretty decent weather for the long weekend, but don't break out the BBQ just yet. It will start on “rather a cloudy and damp note” with rain sweeping across the country on Good Friday.
This will gradually clear from the west of the UK during the day, resulting in brighter conditions during the afternoon and evening. High pressure will then come in for much of Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, which will result in fairly settled weather for the rest of the bank holiday.
The Met Office then adds there could be "prolonged" sunny spells, during which time "it should feel pleasantly warm".
While it might not feel like you're getting a tan, the Met Office has advised that the sun could be stronger than you might expect at this time of year.
“It is worth taking steps to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy the sunshine safely, particularly as your skin may not be acclimatised to sunshine after the long winter months,” it added.

Where will I get the best sun?

The short answer is: Not London. Looking at the forecast for the next five days, it seems to be mostly clouds and rain.
If the leaders decided to stay in Manchester after tonight's debate, they are unlikely to see much more of the sun (it actually gets worse, with more rain forecast towards Sunday and Monday). The same is true of Cambridge.
Edinburgh and Glasgow are tipped to have sun on Sunday, and no rain is forecast for the weekend.
Birmingham should get a decent bit of sun on the same day, as will Belfast and Cardiff, while Newcastle's best day is likely to be today.
Here's a day-by-day UK-wide forecast from today (Thursday) onwards.


Fine across central and eastern Britain but cloud and rain across the west and southwest will edge slowly eastwards. There will be extensive hill fog across southwestern parts of England and Wales, and it will feel cold under the cloud.


Dry at first across eastern Britain with ground frost possible. Rain will slowly move east, with some hill snow across northern England and Scotland, and heavy rain across western parts.


Mainly cloudy at first with occasional rain, however, it should become drier through the day with cloud breaking to allow some sunny intervals across western parts of the UK.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

The rest of the Easter weekend should be mainly dry with light winds. It is likely to be rather cloudy but some sunny intervals are possible. It should feel milder.

You can find out your local forecast here:

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