April Fools' Day 2017: Hoax or hot business idea? Test your BS spotting skills in this quiz

Lynsey Barber
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How well do you know the next big thing from the BS?

Think you can sort the ridiculous ideas some of the world's biggest companies have come up with to try and fool us on 1 April from the real-life concepts which are "serious" business propositions?

There's a fine line between crazy and the next billion-dollar idea. There are also some April Fools' hoaxes that have everyone going because they bring just the right amount of believability to it.

Take City A.M.'s quiz to see just how good you are at spotting the hoax from the hot concept.

The happiness blanket

British Airways is always looking to keep customers contented on flights. One of its latest ideas is the so-called "happiness blanket" - that's a blanket which changes colour according to a passenger's feelings, measured through their brain patterns when faced with the on board entertainment, food menu, or fellow passengers.

Park-and-Zorb scheme

Commuters looking for a better way to get to work now have the option of Zorbing to work. Yep, the activity of rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball is no longer just for the weekend as Living Social brings the fun (and pollution-free) concept to the daily grind. Park-and-Zorb stations for rolling to work are the new car club and are coming to cities across the country, including a location at London's Kings Cross. Very handy for crossing the river.

Shazam for birds

Shazam for birds is the app everyone's been waiting for. On countryside strolls, no longer will you spend the afternoon arguing over whether that's a cuckoo or a chaffinch you heard, ruining everyone's Sunday roast at the same time. You can now use the popular Bird Song ID app to identify the exact bird behind the chorus and which works in the same way as Shazam identifies music. It has a 4.5 out of five star rating on iTunes and Google Play, and was rated nine out of 10 by Bird Watching Magazine.

Windows 10 follows Windows 8 at Microsoft

Microsoft are feeling the heat. Under pressure and behind the curve when it comes to mobile, cloud computing and innovation, the original computer-maker is struggling and its Windows 8 operating system was not the success it had hoped for. In a bid to distance itself from that, er, hiccup, the tech company decided to skip the next iteration of Windows - Windows 9 - and go straight to version 10.

BMW's translation system

A new system in BMW's cars translates road signs into English for you, making travelling abroad easier for any driver trying to drive and navigate at the same time. The Automatic Translation system from the German car brand is another sign of the smart car of the future soon coming to roads.

Forget drones

It's all about owls these days. Caught up in a regulatory nightmare over at Amazon, Waterstones is staying ahead of the competition with OWLS (or, the Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service). The bookstore is creating a fleet of specially trained owls ready to deliver your order within thirty minutes of ordering. Game-changer in the ongoing battle of the booksellers?

Never leave the car again

Jaguar and Shell have teamed up to launch the first ever in-car petrol payment system. An app on the car's touchscreen will allow those in the know to pay for their fuel without leaving their seat. Skip the queue just by tapping how much fuel you need and pay. You don't even need your wallet as payments are made via Apple Pay or PayPal. Of course, drivers will only be able to use the fancy new app to top up their tanks at Shell stations.

The loo that comes to you

Ever needed the toilet in a hurry and been unable to find one? Well, now you're in luck. Bathstore has come up with the Uber for loos - Loober. The new app allows users to call for a loo anywhere and anytime. The nearest driverless toilet will track you down through GPS and be at your service. There are a range of options available, from low cost to luxury, and like Uber, costs are calculated by the distance travelled and duration of service. Spending a penny has never been this easy.

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