April Fools' Day? Norfolk gives a broad hint on Nelson’s Column

Nelson’s Column might soon be moved to Norfolk
The Capitalist inbox has been swamped by a spate of press releases that can only be described as weird.

Take, for instance, a plan to relocate Nelson’s Column from Trafal­gar Square to the North Norfolk coast in time for the 210th anniversary of the death of the region’s most famous son.

Visit North Norfolk says it has a petition of more than 100,000 signatures from people across the globe who want to see Nelson returned to his home.

Then there’s Sainsbury’s, which is “proud to announce the launch of a new product, Taste the Dif­fer­ence No-Yolk Eggs, to simplify home baking for millions of customers”. App­arent­ly, the retailer’s Egg and Home­baking Buyer is one Al Bumen. That’s some nominative determinism, we think.

And the yummy-mummies at Mumsnet have laun­ched a new party for the General Election which wants to introduce, among others, “universal free childcare for children aged 0-16… and free first-class travel for pregnant women”.

We believe all this to be true. Of course, we do.

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