Here's what happens when Nick Clegg pretends to care what Joey Essex thinks

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Joey Essex meets Nick Clegg (Source: Getty)

Poor Nick Clegg (aka "Nick Leg"). When he woke up this morning ready to set out his party's policy on mental health and the NHS, little did he know his thunder would be stolen by a 24-year old reality TV star.

Joey Essex pitched up to Clegg's press conference at the National Liberal Club, ready to ask the Lib Dem leader the tough questions, such as "why are you called the Liberal Democrats?"

With all their years in broadcasting, Andrew Neill and Jeremy Paxman could only look on in envy at this killer question.

Essex soldiered on, adding that he thought the party's name was the "Liberal Democats". The party was so taken with Essex's insights, it's switched the logo on its website to reflect the new cuddlier name.

The former Only Way is Essex star was able to snap a selfie with the beleaguered Lib Dem leader. But speaking to the BBC, it appears the extent of Joey's confusion around the Lib Dems had not yet been fully revealed. Essex said:

I know his name's Nick Clegg, I thought it was Nick Leg. I thought he was an honest person, quite nice. People say he’s good looking, he’s alright.

A bemused Clegg attempted to explain to Essex who he was and what he was about. The TOWIE star is set to host a one-off show called Educating Joey Essex, where he will interview leading political figures over the course of the election.

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